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My journey in the realm of volunteering – An ongoing story

My journey in the realm of volunteering - An ongoing story

In the quiet corners of my soul, I stumbled upon a calling that would profoundly shape the narrative of my existence, an odyssey through the world of volunteering. It wasn’t a path paved with grandeur or applause; rather, it unfolded as a whispered invitation, beckoning me. I feel in the depth of every soul lies a dormant ember, a yearning to kindle a fire of purpose and meaning. For years, I navigated the maze of the corporate world, chasing deadlines and climbing the ladder, but a whisper from within persisted, a call to venture back into the territory of volunteering and social work which was my first love having started my career at the age of 21 in social sector.

The narrative of my journey holds a mysterious chapter, one where I traversed from the tranquil embrace of the social sector to the shimmering stage of the corporate world. Yet, amidst the allure of the limelight, I found a conspicuous absence, an emptiness that the corporate sphere failed to fill. Almost like a dormant seed awaiting the warmth of spring, my venture back into the social sector began with a sense of purpose awakening within. It was a gentle realization that there’s more to life than the pursuit of personal gain. It’s an awakening to the extraordinary potential within each of us to impact lives, to become a brushstroke in the masterpiece of human kindness.

Here, I’ve had the privilege of meeting souls from diverse walks of life, individuals with stories etched with resilience, courage, and hope. It was through these encounters that I discovered the true power of empathy, the ability to share in another’s journey, to bear witness to their struggles, and to be a source of support. I discovered the true richness of human connection, a connection that transcends barriers, be it cultural, linguistic, or societal. It allowed me to step into the shoes of others, to understand their journey, and to share in their victories and losses. In these moments, I found that empathy knows no boundaries it’s a language of the heart that transcends words.

I witnessed not only the transformation of the lives i closely worked with but also the evolution of my own being. It’s as though each act of service was a brushstroke on my canvas, painting me into a more compassionate, self-aware, and grateful version of myself.

My journey in the realm of volunteering is an ongoing story, with chapters yet to be written. It’s a path where every step taken adds depth and color to the canvas of my life. It’s a commitment to embrace the beauty of selflessness, a vow to continue exploring the boundless horizons of human connection.This path i find myself walking on has added profound value to my life’s journey, not in the form of material wealth or recognition but in the enrichment of my soul. It’s a journey that unveils the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magic in simple acts of kindness. It’s a journey that whispers to the heart, inviting us all to become artists of compassion in the tapestry of life

-Shiva Faridi