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Bono Na Festival

Bono Na Festival

When you hear Julley ….Julley! And see those happy and joyful faces around then you must know that you are at Aryan region in Ladakh.

Garkon is an Aryan village in Kargil block of Kargil district. It is one of the greenest patches of Kargil which is surrounded by majestic mountains and by the side of the magnificent river Indus . Mainly inhabited with Dard Aryans known as ‘Brokpas’.

The region is famous for its delicious Apricots alongwith other crops such as Tomatoes , variety of berries and vegetables.The Museum of local heritage, rich and unique Aryan culture and its festivals are the highlights of Garkon. They are easily Identified due to their colorful ethnic wear.The beautiful floral headgear will definitely catch someone’s eye.

Festivals mainly start from April and go upto November every year. The Apricot blossom Festival and The Bono na  or Bono nah is an ancient Festival. They also celebrate the new year in a unique way. These are the great tourist attractions and visitors come from all around the world to see and experience the culture and traditions.

Bono na is the Festival of thanksgiving to their deities and God for good crops and  prosperity to the people and land of Minaro. This Festival is also called “chopo shrubla”. They sing and dance on the traditional folk music and cheerful atmosphere will make you visit this place every year for sure.


Name Of village: Garkoon

Address:  Village Garkoon, Kargil Block,  Kargil,  UT Ladakh (It is also very close from Batalik sector )

Community: Dard Aryans Apricot blossom Festival ( In April every year)

The Bono na Festival ( In October-November every 2 in 3 years)

New year celebration Festival ( In January every year)

-Poonam Khanvilkar Lopes