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A Section 8 Registered Non Profit Organization


Navigators are our core team that works both at the back end and on the ground at the grassroot level. They closely coordinate with our Founders, Crusaders and Cohorts to develop, plan and execute our various programs and initiatives. All the back-end tasks from volunteering management to managing the website and our social media; keeping track of our finance inflows and outflows, attending to all the statutory requirements and all the paper work, database, data and documentation that is required for HVT’s smooth operations and day to day functioning is handled by the Navigators – they are the back bone of HVT.

Prarthana Kapoor

Prarthana Kapoor1
  • Originally from Dehradun, lived in multiple cities across India and abroad. Currently based out of Liverpool, UK
  • Even though I have been traveling around the world, my heart and soul remains in the majestic Himalayas.
  • A sole entrepreneur working towards helping small businesses worldwide with their digital needs. 
  • Previously worked as a Software Engineer.
  • Have a Masters Degree in Computer Applications.
  • Interests include creating and playing music and exploring the many gifts of nature.

Amitesh Ajay – HVT Technical Lead

  • Mechanical Engineer with over 8 years of experience working with several organizations, including CEDE Engineers-Delhi, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA)-Bengaluru, Jrama Constructions, and Integrated Associates-Engineers and Contractors, Noida.
  • Despite holding a conventional 9 to 5 job, always felt unfulfilled and yearned for alternative avenues to pursue my passion for teaching and learning.
  • Got an opportunity to volunteer with Rzamba, a Kargil-based NGO founded by Ms. Saldon Stanzin Aka Sifa and four other co-founders. I was teaching Maths and Hindi to primary school children
  • Later volunteered as a teacher with Madan Bohra who has taken the initiative to educate children from his entire village. The challenge was that despite being a government school, there were only 2 teachers teaching from nursery to class 5. Under the guidance of Madan Bohra, we started a program to overcome this challenge. The senior children were trained to teach the junior children to keep the wheel rotating.
  • Have met extraordinary individuals during my journey and wish to continue on the path to “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.