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A Section 8 Registered Non Profit Organization

Volunteering With Himalayan Volunteer Tourism (HVT)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What is HVT about?

  1. Himalayan Volunteer Tourism (HVT) is an initiative which brings together people who love the mountains and want to contribute towards development and conservation of the Himalayan region. While Volunteering is the core of HVT, it also works extensively across five key sectors; Education, Skill Development, Health & Hygiene, Environment and Community Development.
  2. HVT is a common platform for those who believe in service and sustainability and want to connect with the locals across the Himalayas and give back to the rural communities through their experience, knowledge, donations, presence and time.

2. How can one join HVT and volunteer/contribute?

  1. STEP-1: Go to HVT’s Facebook page and read through the Volunteering Policy document and provide you consent to it
  2. STEP-2: Send a joining request on the HVT Fb page.
  3. STEP-3: Basis the criteria/ discretion, the Admin will accept your request and you become a member of HVT. You will hear back from us in case we are unable to accept your joining request.
  4. STEP-4: HVT and Host Organizations regularly call out for volunteers on HVT’s Fb page and you can apply/ join the project basis your availability, interest and skill sets.
  5. You can also reach out to HVT separately at: connect@himalayanvolunteertourism.com
  6. STEP-5: You can make a Volunteering request/post as per the prescribed format and once the Admin approves of it, it goes live on Fb and basis the responses and suitability you can take things forward.
  7. NOTE: Adhering to HVT’s Volunteering Policy is a must condition so read through the document carefully before providing your consent and making the joining request.

3. Is there any age limit to join HVT?

  1. Anyone 18 and above can join the HVT group, as long as they follow the basics rules and conditioned mentioned on the page. No advertising or marketing is allowed, no political or religious propaganda will be encouraged. No personal remarks, insults or invading privacy will be solicited.

4. What is the location of the HVT projects?

  1. The headquarters of HVT is at Tirthan , near Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. But the projects could be based across the Himalayas, depending on what is proposed by member NGO’s Social Enterprises, Host Organizations and others. We encourage and support initiatives which are proposed/ presented by our members.Posts calling for Volunteers will have all the details including the location as and when announced on the HVT’s Fb page.

5. What is the fees / charges for being part of HVT or Volunteering project (s)?

  1. HVT does not charge for anyone becoming its member and/ or either of the parties (Volunteers and Host Organizations) involved in volunteering. The only thing that HVT demands is sincerity, service and following its code of conduct as part of its volunteering policy. However some projects may require your contribution and it will be clearly communicated as and when the project is announced/ made public.

6. What in specific is HVT’s role?

  1. HVT was floated with the idea of creating a strong network of Volunteers and Host Organisations wherein for mutual good and with the intent of service each of the parties through the HVT platform can announce/ reach-out/ call for volunteering support or opportunities.
  2. HVT is a Facilitator, Enabler and Aggregator and its role is to connect Volunteers with Host Organizations and vice versa for social good.
  3. HVT’s efforts are directed towards providing access to and connect to individuals/ groups with verified credentials and proven skill sets with host organisations who are also verified by HVT.
  4. Ensure a safe, learning and contributing space for Volunteers.
  5. Grow a community of Host Organisations who with the help of Volunteers can setup, conduct and manage their initiatives and enterprises in a way that it uplifts and empowers them and the local community, delivers a socio-economic impact and showcases a vibrant destination to its visiting guests/ travellers.

7. What about stay and food while volunteering?

  1. Depending on the nature of the project some host organizations may provide stay and food for their volunteers and some may not and this will be clearly mentioned while making the call for volunteers is made/ announced. Some may also charge a nominal fee for providing the same and share options available with them. Some may help and facilitate your stay and food at a homestay/ another place based on your budget. In such cases where stay and food isn’t provided, the HVT team will extend support in guiding/ locating and recommending a safe and secure place (homestay/ hostel/ home) that meets your budget and allows you to volunteer comfortably.

8. Does HVT make travel arrangements or provide transfers?

  1. Travel and transportation arrangements have to be made by the Volunteer themselves. HVT may guide and help you by making recommendations and suggestions to safely reach the project/ volunteering location.

9. Do the volunteers get a certificate or credit for volunteering?

  1. HVT is working on a credit and certificate mechanism and a criterion to award the same will be shared in due course. HVT’s believes in the power of volunteering and it’s taking measures to facilitate and ensure only credible and verified Volunteers join Host Organizations and we understand that one of the ways to enable this is to recognize and appreciate people for their service and work.

10. Will there be medical facility around the project location?

  1. Yes, all the project locations will be verified by HVT team and basic medical emergency kits will always be available. The nearest Medical Centre/ Hospitals are also mapped for every project and you will be attended to immediately in any emergency. Safety and security is every individual’s responsibility and we urge that you don’t go over-board in anything and put yourself, the host organization and HVT at any kind of risk.

11. What fitness levels are required to volunteer?

  1. There are different projects requiring different fitness levels. Being in the Himalayas, some projects may be higher up and may need trekking. While some may be in the valley or ground level which may not need any specific fitness level. As long as there are no serious medical conditions and issues, anyone can join.

12. Are there any specific qualifications required to volunteering?

  1. Any one above the age of 18 who has a heart and calling to serve can volunteer. If any specific skill sets are required for any specific project, it will be mentionedin the post while calling for volunteers.

13. If there are any special food preferences, can that be arranged?

  1. Some projects may be situated in difficult locations and only basic meals may be available or can be arranged.While some locations may have provision to make your own meals and that if available can be facilitated. And if there is any specific requirement, then it is advisable to check with the team in advance and take clarifications.

14. Volunteer’s safety and care during Volunteering

  1. Volunteer’s safety and security are the top criteria for HVT while it decided on a volunteering opportunity with a Host Organization and in case of any unforeseen and untoward incident HVT shall act swiftly to address it. We urge volunteers not to allow and be subjected to any kind abuse or intimidation during their volunteering tenure and to raise the red flag immediately both with the host and HVT.

15. Can volunteers suggest some projects, based on their experience?

  1. HVT is a platform to bring about change and development in the Himalayan region. Volunteers are most welcome to suggest new ideas, projects, initiatives to the admin team and the same can be discussed and taken forward. Volunteers can also come forward and join the HVT Support/ Working Team to make their suggested project successful.