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A Section 8 Registered Non Profit Organization

Himalayan Volunteer Tourism (HVT) is an initiative which brings together people who love the mountains and want to contribute towards development and conservation of the Himalayan region. As a Facilitator, Enabler and Aggregator, HVT connects Volunteers with Host Organisations and vice versa for social good. And while Volunteering is the core of HVT, it also works extensively across five key sectors; Education, Skill Development, Health & Hygiene, Environment and Community Development. 

HVT is a platform for those who believe in service and sustainability and would want to connect with the locals and give back to the rural communities through their experience, knowledge, donations, presence and time.

The HVT Story

Began in 2018
Birth of Himalayan Volunteer Tourism
First ‘Call for Volunteers’
Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Establishment of Sunshine Learning Centre*

The Sood family led by Panki Sood wanted to create learning opportunities for the children of their hometown in Tirthan valley, Mahima Mehra, joined them to start an activity and creative learning centre with a vision to offer uninterrupted education support to the children of the valley.

Sunshine Learning Centre was first started in Sunshine Cottages

Sunshine Learning Centre was first started in Sunshine Cottages, a homestay run by the Sood family. Children from four villages started coming. Various workshops were conducted and activities were held for them on a daily basis. Volunteer teachers and experts in various fields started contributing by conducting offline and online classes. This demand for more and more volunteers led to the creation of Himalayan Volunteer Tourism.

Support for Planning and Execution

Initial support for planning and execution came from like-minded, responsible and conscious individuals, namely; Dr. Kaynat Kazi, Himani Chandorkar, Dr. Vrajesh Parikh, Sanket Agarwal, Dr. Diti Vyas, Shiva Faridi, Parth Phalke and Harsimran Singh.

Our calls for Volunteer

Our many calls for volunteer so far have received highly encouraging responses from a wide spectrum of individuals and groups, including; Academicians, IITians, Creative Artists, Entrepreneurs, Social Activists, Professionals and Students, both from India and abroad.

HVT Initiatives

Today, apart from its own initiatives, HVT in a generous way facilitates volunteerism by connecting individuals and groups to social enterprises and host organizations and the story of volunteerism continues…

The heart, soul and strength of Himalayan Volunteer Tourism is YOU – The Volunteer.

* Sunshine Learning Centre was established in March 2019 and is now registered as Srot Rural Education and Development Foundation.For this academic year 2023-24 there are 70 children from 10 villages studying at Srot.

Impact Created

From a humble beginning and with the support of many a generous volunteer both individuals and organisations, we have in the last three years (updated September 2023) made the below contribution to the Himalayan region and its people…


Alternative Learning Centres


Students Impacted


Drug De-Addiction Camps


Funds Mobilised


Volunteers Mobilised

Libraries - 40

Books Donated- 12,800

Workshops (Varied) 20

Waste Management & Pollution Control Campaigns- 5

Medical Camps - 3

Community Building Drives- 5

Counselling Sessions - 3

Computer Training Workshops - 5

HVT Social Champions

Our call for Volunteers not just resulted in the impact we have created so far in the lives of the people of the Himalayan region but also in the lives of many an individual from across the nation who came forward and dedicated their time working selflessly for the region. Some of them have made significant contribution and continue to be the change makers. We are proud to call them our Social Champions….


Parth Phalke

  • Founder, Director at Srot Rural Education and Development Foundation
  • Educator teaching since 2007.
  • Worked mostly in alternative education organizations including 8 years at Sahyadri School KFI.

Dr. Amir Rashid Wani

  • Founder and Chairman of Mooj Kasheer Welfare Trust
  • Doctorate in the field of social work
  • prestigious awards awaiting him at the forthcoming International Human Rights Awards in Delhi in December 2023

Madan Bohra

  • Mr. Madan Bohra, a marketing professional in the perfume industry, had been leading a conventional life in Delhi, catering to various brands and traveling across the globe for the same.

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