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A Section 8 Registered Non Profit Organization

Health, Hygiene and Sanitation

Himalayan Volunteer Tourism / Health, Hygiene and Sanitation

Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

Public health is a powerful tool to level that playing field, to bend the arc of our country away from distrust and disparities and back towards equity and justice.”Leana S. Wen

In villages across rural India, people continue to face significant challenges due to the lack of quality healthcare infrastructure, limited qualified medical professionals, lack of medical facilities and insufficient availability of basic medicines. These conditions profoundly impact their health, well-being, and overall development.

Several government initiatives and schemes have been launched to promote better health, but sadly sometimes these facilities are not easily accessible in the remote terrains of the Himalayan region. We through our various initiatives, would like to address the many challenges being faced and improve the lives of the people in the region by providing access to essential healthcare services that are often out of reach for them.

Good health is the foundation of a thriving, progressive society and HVT in cooperation with likeminded organisations, is committed to work with and for communities to foster healthy lifestyles and improve access to good health in Himalayan region by way of the following programs.

  • General Health & Nutrition Camps
  • Menstrual Hygiene & Care Workshops
  • Drug Addiction Awareness Campaigns
  • Mental Health Workshops
  • Heart Camp for Infants
  • Dental Camps
  • Eye/ Ear Screening Camps
  • Cancer Awareness & Screening Camps
  • Blood Donation Drives
  • Vaccination Drives
  • Counselling Workshops

By adopting a collaborative approach, HVT is sensitizing community members to adopt healthy practices and support them with the needed healthcare facilities and services.

We urge and invite likeminded organisations to come forward and join us in our endeavour towards a healthy and hearty India.

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Doctors and Healthcare Professionals can also join us in their individual capacities and strengthen our hands in organising the above programs and drives.

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